The Big Yin

The Big Yin – Autumnal Energies

Sunday 23rd September – 10:30am – 12:30pm

Gathering Essence Dance Studio



After a few months of balancing our own bodies, it’s time to get back to balancing yours

The next Big Yin is now available for booking.
2 hours of balancing and bliss hosted by Sharon (SonoYoga) and Sarah (@yellowcelebrator)

Let us guide you through a deeply relaxing, balancing, yet gently energising Autumnal Yin Practice.

Come and enjoy luxuriously long-held poses, relaxing sounds and rejuvenating vibrations to bring balance to the body, joy to the heart and calm to the mind.

The practice will finish with an extra long Savasana to leave you floating towards Monday without a care in the world!

Tickets cost £20

To book, please email me at

(24 hour cancellation policy. Payments made in full to reserve your space.)

Only 20 spaces!